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(from May 2022)
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What is Rocket Yoga?

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Classes: 2022

I teach a combination of online and in-person classes so you can choose any combination of what you prefer. 

I also want to offer something extra in the true spirit of yoga: A yoga support community with learning outside of the one or two hours a week you spend with me.

The intention is to enhance and re-enforce your experience and allow you increased opportunity to take yoga "off the mat" and into your life.

This takes the form of a private online Facebook group called "Yoga Moves Rocket Fam" and includes:
  • A library of free recoded classes and meditations including recordings of all the live classes, so you can go back to those you love!
  • ​A private community where you can ask me questions and chat to me and to others.  The aim so you feel supported and free to ask everything you ever wanted to know, without feeling rushed or as though encroaching on the my time in class
  • ​Monthly LIVE guided meditations and yoga nidra, great for stress, mental wellbeing relief and improving sleep
  • ​Extra teachings, yoga wisdom and health tips from me - an extra sprinkling of wellness!
If you are not on Facebook and don't wish to join, you can still receive all recorded classes on email for you to view and practice at home.

NEW 60 MINUTE CLASS (from May 2022)
Wednesday's (3pm UK time, 10am EST, 7am PST)

Option 1: £30 or $38 (US) includes:
Four live zoom classes, online support community and ALL classes recordings (including all the Rocket yoga classes).
If you miss one you will have the recording to catch up

Option 2: Recordings only £20 or $25 (US) - do classes in your own time but still be a part of the online yoga support community.

1. Rocket Rendezvous

9.30-10.30am (UK time)
Monday mornings


Wolverhampton Cricket Club Danescourt Road, Tettenhall

Cost per month for: four classes, online support community and ALL recorded classes (1-2 new classes a week): 

2. Rocket Reload
(On-line, Live AND Recorded)

Thursday evenings


Monday Mornings

All on Zoom 

Cost per month for: four live zoom classes, online support community and ALL recorded classes (1-2 new classes a week): 
£30 / 38 USD

3. Pocket Rocket
(On-line Recorded Only)

Opt out of all LIVE classes.

Do recorded classes and learn Rocket in your own time.
(But with support of Vicki & community)

Cost per month for: 
access to ALL recorded classes (1-2 new classes a week) and the support community. 

£20 / $25 (US)

4. The Rocket Universe!
To Gain Access to ALL OF THE ABOVE (including :
* FOUR In-person classes
* FOUR Live Online Classes
* Recorded online classes
* Support Community
 The cost is:
 £45 per month

COMPLEMENTARY 1:1 Coaching Gift for the first three new subscribers each month

​If you are one of my first three new customers of the month (starting Feb 2022) you will receive a complementary, tailored 45 minute 1:1 coaching session with me worth £80. (I am also a weight loss and wellness coach.)

I assess your wellness, weight loss and fitness goals and requirements (which-ever are relevant). Then I help you work out a path to achieving them using: hormone support, yoga, emotional techniques and mindset coaching. 
It's a powerful combination which achieves desired results for clients of my Peaceful Soul, Bangin' Body programme.

*On 1st of each month I will let the winners know! You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of you containing a link to book in your coaching session.
About Vicki Snow
I am Vicki Snow, an experienced yoga practitioner and teacher and wellness and weight loss coach. 

I discovered yoga in a large light filled studio in West London in 2001. While unable to hold a downward dog for more than a few seconds on that first day, I was completely hooked.

Yoga became my healthy obsession and still is to this day. Through many life challenges, I have kept yoga extremely close. It’s never let me down!

My preferred teaching style is vinyasa based – I adore the rhythm and grace of flow yoga.  It’s challenging, fun, beautiful, emotional and always a real mood improver.

I teach three types of yoga, other than Rocket: vinyasa flow, classic Hatha and Yin.

I also run retreats, wellness events and a 12-week transformational programme for women incorporating yoga, hormone balancing, mindset work and emotional eating solutions.

You can see my website here for more details about me and all I offer:

More About Rocket Yoga

If you have been to my classes, events or retreats before, it will feel very familiar. 

I have practiced Rocket for a few years myself and I always bring the style to my vinyasa flow classes.

What is Rocket?
Rocket is a modern system (developed in 1980's by Ashtanga practitioner, Larry Schultz) of vinyasa yoga, a flowing type of yoga that links breath and movement. 

It's been designed to (as the name suggests) "get you there faster", as in get you stronger and fitter and progress onto more challenging postures which you may not previously have thought possible for you.

It’s stays true to its traditional Ashtanga roots (if you like Ashtanga, you will love Rocket) and I will be teaching all of the breathing exercises (pranayama) and philosophy where relevant.

Great For All Levels 
It’s good for all levels and abilities as it’s a set sequence and 2-3 options are given throughout for beginners and more practiced students, so you can practice to your own level at your own pace.

If You Are A More Experienced Yogi
If you are at intermediate level or beyond, you can move onto second and third series Ashtanga postures without having to wait (as you do in Ashtanga). 

Options are given throughout classes for more advanced postures if students are 'there'.    

It's multi-level. I encourage and support everyone to work to their own level and abilities.

Rocket is perfect for you if:
You want to get stronger, fitter and to develop and deepen your practice. But there’s no hurry and no pressure to push yourself. It’s always in your own time. Always listening to your body.

It’s not for you if:
You just want a relaxing style of yoga.  Although there is breath-work and meditation involved, Rocket is fairly dynamic.

Rocket is Great for Confidence (and Body Confidence!)
Many find Rocket to be a real confidence booster. Because less emphasis is placed on what shapes you are making, and more on how it feels, you may find yourself flying into postures you’ve never tried before or becoming more comfortable in one’s that always seemed intimidating.

Many of us have more strength than we give ourselves credit for, but sometimes our expectations and limiting beliefs hold us back from trying something new.

“You are stronger than you think you are.”
– Larry Schultz

Questions? Email, text or call me:
+44 7790 280066

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