One-to-one yoga sessions

A Yoga Moves instructor can come to your home to deliver sessions tailored specifically for you, which can be full yoga classes or talk and meditation based (especially if yoga is new to you).

The first session will involve a detailed chat about what you specifically hope to gain from yoga, be it purely physical or more about mental wellbeing – or a mixture of both.

Yoga works on many levels and while it doesn’t claim to cure, it can certainly improve health and strengthen muscles and mind alike.

Bespoke events

Yoga Moves can work with you on a specifically commissioned private event e.g. for healthy hens, special birthdays, etc.

It can be just about yoga or it can involve much more, e.g. meditation, healthy food, treatments, massage, music – we have many contacts in the field of wellness that we would be happy to share to create a special, beautiful bespoke event.


Yoga Moves can work with companies and organisations on programs that assist with motivating workforces to achieving organisational goals. This includes many aspects under the ‘wellness banner’.

Teachers and therapists can simply help create a happier environment by delivering yoga and / or meditation and therapies in the workplace. Or we can combine this with a much wider holistic programmes for staff which encourage positivity and healthy eating and living through body and mind, in and out of the workplace.