My Philosophy

I had no idea when I started my yoga journey that it would move me in so many ways, especially through my 20 year food struggles. My view is if you are unhappy with your body, you need to do the work on the inside first and you will find your natural healthy weight with ease.  We can show you how to lose weight in a way that doesn’t feel like suffering. And create freedom and peace with your body, mind and emotions. Yoga moves you.

Vicki Snow


Physical Yoga

We teach vinyasa flow, Rocket, Yin and Hatha styles of yoga and cater for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. We work to the level of each individual student, ensuring all feel challenged but not intimidated. We start where you are at and where you are at is always good enough.  The strength class and inspirational chat below from a Facebook LIVE in our group is typical of our style.

Mindset & Emotions for Weight-loss

Our 12-week Peaceful Soul, Bangin’ Body Programme works to identify and overcome harmful patterns and beliefs, which have kept you struggling with food and weight, possibly for years. We empower women to transform emotionally, physically and mentally with a whole health approach

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