My Philosophy

I had no idea when I started my yoga journey that it would move me in so many ways, especially through my 20 year food struggles. My view is if you are unhappy with your body, you need to do the work in the inside first and you will find your natural healthy weight with ease. Excess weight is a by-product where you are stuck mentally and emotionally and the unhealthy habits and behaviours you are repeating. I can show you how to create freedom and peace around food. Yoga moves you.

Vicki Snow


Move Regularly

The style of yoga is flowing vinyasa and everyone in the room is catered for. Options are given for beginners, but more practiced students will always leave feeling they have practiced to their ‘edge’.  We understand that everyone’s edge is different, and we aim to help you find yours so that you can move forward and continually make new discoveries on your yoga journey.

Move Deeper

The following elements feature regularly at our events: fine food, uplifting music (often live music), inspiring spaces, meditation, yoga which moves you to your edge.

The aim is always to ‘move you’ through moving your body.  All events and classes allow a little escape, pause, physical release, time together and time for self. 

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