My Philosophy

I have been practicing yoga for around 25 years and teaching since 2016. I have trained in many other “self-help” fields – mindset coaching, hormone balancing, nutritional therapy, life coaching, fitness; but I always return to yoga.  Why is the pull back to yoga so strong?  Because each time I venture into something “new”, I discover that the methods are the exact same methods that I have already learned from 2,500-year-old yoga philosophies, but with different names!  So, for my clients, I combine deep knowledge of sacred ancient yoga practices with very modern methods and tailor to the individual, to help them grow, heal, let go of what no longer serves them and transform into the person they were always meant to be.  Call it what you like – it’s all yoga! 

Vicki Snow


10 Years Younger Retreats

This is my newest venture with close friend and presenter of “10 Years Younger the TV show”, Nicky Hambleton-Jones.  This 4-day retreat on the Portugal Algarve is about helping women reconnect with their ‘inner sunshine’, their “true self”, which may have got suppressed and forgotten along the trodden path of life.  

The ethos behind the retreat is to give women the time and headspace to take stock of where they are, and with expert help, forge a plan to live their best life.

We invite you to join us to connect to your true self, the person you want to look and feel like for the rest of your life.

Weight Loss Coaching & Yoga

Creating Permanent Weight Loss & The Yoga Body Method. I have created two methods for bringing women to the best selves.

My Permanent Weight Loss method is a not just a “diet” programme (although nutrition and hormone balancing is part of it). It’s a reprogramming method which enables you to put an end to emotional eating and yo-yo dieting. As someone that struggled for 20 years, I am passionate about this and showing women that it IS possible for them.

The Yoga Body Method contains key elements of The Permanent Weight Loss Method, including my 4-step nutrition plan and hormone balancing for optimum health and fat burning. But this method focusses on physical yoga asana for strengthening, toning, and adopting a process orientated approach to change, on and off the mat.

There is also a yoga strength programme. Please email vicki@yogamovesyou.co.uk for details.