12-Week Programme

Four Expert Coaches in Yoga, Nutrition, Hormone Balancing, Mindset and Emotional Techniquesbringing you to your best ever self

This is the programme for women who are DONE struggling with dieting and feeling restricted, deprived and frustrated.

BUT who still want to lose weight, look great and feel at home in their bodies.

These things are NOT conflicting, and you can have ALL of it.

You just have to get a little smarter about the WAY you do weight loss.

Our transformational 12-week programme combines hormone balancing, yoga, nutrition, mindset coaching and emotional eating solutions for a whole health approach, that takes away the stress and makes weight loss permanent.




Our E.N.E.R.G.I.S.E system, takes into account EIGHT factors that, when combined and applied in the right combination for YOU and your lifestyle (no cookie cutter approach), will end your food struggles permanently and allow you to maintain the weight you want to be effortlessly. Yes, even after the programme has ended.



There are five expert coaches in yoga, nutrition, mindset, hormones and emotions who help you get un-stuck and stop feeling frustrated with following diet rules. We ultimately empower you to ditch “diet thinking” which keeps you struggling, restricted and deprived get fully informed about:

– Nutrition

– Hormones

– Emotions

– Mindset


This knowledge puts you in the driving seat and allows you to become the authority on you own weight loss and discover what works best for YOUR body.


Stop obsessively counting calories and feeling guilty or panicked about food choices and start eating what you actually enjoy, guilt free. Follow our simple, adaptable (to your lifestyle) 4-step food plan and hunger scale and learn how to burn fat more efficiently via supporting hormones (an easy-win insider tip!).




“I know what to do and I can’t work out WHY I can’t stick to it.”


Sound familiar? Clear this frustrating and confusing behaviour up once and for all and end emotional eating and “out of control cravings” for good.




STOP all the suffering and self sabotage. Transform the way you think, feel and act around food, using mind techniques. Mental struggle ends and weight management becomes effortless (yes really).




Instead of feeling stressed out by the amount you “need to lose” and being in a hurry, slow it down, break it down and focus on one manageable part at a time. Forget time pressures, give yourself a break! We untangle it together, thread by thread.


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Stop focussing solely on body fat, what you see (and dislike) in the mirror and the number on the scales. This is diet thinking. It’s ingrained and it keeps you in a “low state”. We show you how to re-focus and make changes from the inside out. Weight loss becomes a welcome by-product of this work. Yes really!




Defeat your ‘inner mean girl’ who keeps you critical and dissatisfied with your body and start respecting and treating yourself the same way you do your nearest and dearest. Self-compassion work should not be underestimated – it’s powerful in ending food struggles.




If you get “inner dread” when you think about exercise, that’s because you have been pushing yourself to do it for the wrong reasons i.e. to burn off calories or “earn a treat.”


Try a new approach – doing it for fun or to give your brain a boost. Pressure off!


We teach energising, challenging vinyasa yoga which strengthens and tones your body while breath work calms your mind and balances your energy. It’s the perfect combination and facilitates all it the above. We work individually with you on the yoga and you will be challenged but never intimidated.


At the end of the programme we equip you with the tools to manage your mind and behaviour around food long term. We assist you in finding your ‘flow state’, leaving the ‘low state’ behind for good AND the excess weight.

Additional support is available to those that need this. Once a client always a client. We are in this with you for the long haul. Yoga Moves also hosts ‘top up’ and residential retreats. Clients of the programme receive discounts.

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