Founder & Friends

Vicki Snow

Yoga Moves Founder

I discovered yoga in a large light filled studio in West London in 2002. While unable to hold a downward dog for more than a few seconds on that first day, I was intrigued, quickly became hooked and started a dedicated Ashtanga practice… and that was just the start. Yoga became something of an obsession for me and still is to this day. Through each life challenge, I have kept yoga close by and it’s helped me out so many times.

I moved from London to Shropshire in 2012 and soon realised I had been spoilt with all types of yoga ‘on tap’ in the city. I actually felt strange withdrawal symptoms, as though I had lost a close friend. But I adapted, opened up to finding yoga in different places and then I trained as a teacher myself (200 hour Yoga Alliance, Sandstone).

With Yoga Moves, the aim is to create space in which to discover, explore, indulge in and share love of this beautiful practice. Also to offer exciting, accessible events that feel like a ‘mini-break’ as well as fully immersive retreats.

My teaching style is flow based – I love the rhythm and grace of vinyasa flow and linking breath to movement in beautiful moving meditation. My classes are strong, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, depending on the mood on the day. But all are unique, no two the same. I incorporate philosophy, meditation and encourage discussion and we always take time for a lovely deep Shavasana (complete relaxation) at the end.

Yoga Moves classes are primarily for those that want to grow, heal and get closer to their best selves – physically and mentally. See the new you emerge.

Susie Smith


Susie works from a place of integrity, truth and trust and is able to facilitate healing on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level. Many at the last Davenport retreat had a great experience with Susie via one of her many therapies and treatments including Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, voice healing, gong healing and theta healing.

A highly evolved soul, Susie has spent many years studying various therapies and treatments and working on herself. Taking the viewpoint that in becoming the best at what she can be, first she must clear, heal, release old energies/beliefs from herself – using many styles of reiki, theta healing, sound healing, past life regression, future life and lives between lives…….all playing a huge part in allowing the release of personal fears, abandonment and self judgement. Book in advance for Susie’s time.

Sarah Garbett


Yoga started to mean something to me whilst on a year-long retreat I spent travelling, which ended in me working at a health retreat and making quite a radical change to my lifestyle. For years I’d participated in, and taught, high impact fitness classes and I enjoyed the challenge of yoga, and after I got over my ego (which was primarily concerned with learning how to stand on my head) what was most refreshing to me about it was that yoga didn’t involve exercising in front of a mirror image of my body and trying to make it look perfect. After a couple of years practicing more seriously with an array of visiting teachers at the retreat, in 2015 I studied on a Spirited Hatha Vinyasa Teacher Training with David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner, simply for the love of this new way of moving and living I had found. After my training I spent a few years living a working at yoga retreats, contributing to a retreat review website and studying in related practices such as Thai Yoga Massage and Sky Yoga using aerial silks. A typical class with me starts with breath-work and body awareness, flow with variations around sun salutations and a mix of balances postures, and finish with some slower, deeper postures for the final ‘rinse’ before savasana. I also teach Yin yoga, often with music that I feel guides students into a meditative state. All are welcome at my classes, and options are given to suit levels of experience.

Fil Komodromou


In 2014 I decided to follow my passion and study to become a Nutritional Therapist. I studied nutritional therapy for three years at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, which is fully accredited by the NTEC (Nutritional Therapy Education Commission). Having had digestive issues all my life and not finding the answer in conventional medicine, following a more holistic route was something that came naturally to me and hence led me to want to study the fascinating world of nutritional therapy.

I have been trained in the principles of Functional Medicine, a science based approach to health and healing that looks at the body as a whole and assesses the underlying causes of symptoms that manifest themselves as disease. Rather than looking at symptoms in isolation, my aim through nutritional therapy, is to support underlying imbalances and address the root cause.

I am true believer that food that we eat and the lifestyle we lead, can make a real difference to health and wellbeing. My clients come to me with a whole range of issues from anaemia, IBS, stress and anxiety to skin issues. Being a busy mum of two young children I understand the strains and stresses of modern life. I am fully committed to ensuring that my clients come away from their consultation feeling empowered and equipped to make the changes to their diet and lifestyle in order to achieve optimum health. My focus is on long- term health and disease prevention and achieving wellbeing in body, mind and spirit.

Dave Glover


Dave has been practicing ashtanga vinyasa yoga since 2005, initially attending just one class a week until he was hooked on the graceful and energetic flow of Ashtanga, and began a daily practice. In 2012 Dave met his current teacher, John Scott, and the following year completed John’s teacher training programme and began teaching himself. Since then Dave has continued to develop his skills and knowledge with John in various locations around the world. In 2015 Dave travelled to Mysore, India to practice at the Shri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute, where Ashtanga Yoga was first practiced. Dave strongly believes in an accessible non-judgemental approach to yoga, and that anyone can practice yoga and enjoy it’s many benefits. It doesn’t matter how young or old, how fit, how flexible, or how able, if you want to practice, you can.

Liz Pritchard

Sound Therapist

Liz is a sound therapist, musician, choir leader and teacher. She has been involved in music for many years, working as a peripatetic singing and piano tutor, both in South Wales and in Shropshire, and a secondary school music teacher. During her teaching career she has taught a variety of ages and abilities, mainstream students and those with special education needs. Since 2001 she has been an adult tutor being involved in various subject areas, mainly to do with music, but also in post-16 teacher training and the training of teaching assistants.  

During her teaching career she has taught a variety of ages and abilities, mainstream students and those with special education needs. Since 2001 she has been an adult tutor being involved in various subject areas, mainly to do with music, but also in post-16 teacher training and the training of teaching assistants.  

It was while teaching singing to adults, and also singing herself, that she discovered the many health and wellbeing benefits of music, sound and the use of the voice. Thus, she decided that this was a route that she would take and develop skills to share this with other both teaching and performing work. She strongly believes that sound is a very powerful tool and along with a self-reflective process can create great positive change in people.  

Currently as Blissful Dragon Therapeutic Sound, Liz facilitates therapeutic sound activities, soundbaths and gongbaths, drumming sessions, music workshops, singing and music for health sessions as well as individual singing tuition, piano tuition and music theory. She is currently studying for a Masters in Music Therapy, and hopes to bring together sound and music therapy to help a wide variety of people.