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If you enjoyed The Daily Reset (a set of free yoga classes which I filmed for Purition), you may be interested in trying my live Zoom yoga classes. I am offering Purition customers five live yoga classes for £18 instead of £30 – that equates to two free yoga classes.  There are two live yoga classes a week on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings.

Live Yoga Classes vs Recorded

There are many benefits of attending live yoga classes which you may not have realised.  I personally tend to do both. Live yoga classes are great because you really feel involved and present; and you can interact and pick up on the energy from the instructor.

Recorded classes are convenient – you can do them when it suits you of course but I find that making a date to attend at a set time means you so stick to it too. And you get feedback from the instructor of course. I ask my students to set up their mats so I can see them fully and I watch them carry out instructions and offer feedback and answer questions, just like a real class.

During the (now semi) lockdown it’s great to have something fun in the diary.  It’s also just nice to feel part of something, connected and engaging with others.  You are also definitely much less likely to sneak off and make a cuppa!  

So yes, I tend to do a couple of live classes a week – so they’re set in stone and fill in with recorded classes in between.  

How to Claim your Free Live Yoga Classes

To take advantage of my live class offer, please email the words Purition Offer to me at and I’ll send you instructions on how to redeem.

Thanks and hope to see you on the mat soon.

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