The Bedroom Yogi

A Wholesome Collaboration – Free Yoga Classes For All

I created this blog last year and called it The Bedroom Yogi. It was born out of frustration of not being able to find what I want yoga-wise where I live, hence the title. I just did yoga at home.

How could I have ever imagined back then, how even more relevant the title would be a year later. We’re all bedroom yogis these days!

I now join classes from fab studios and teachers literally all over the world and host my own classes in my bed(yoga)room. So the concept has really been turned on it’s head. Now I am a bedroom yogi with the best yoga from everywhere available to me! And, even stranger, it’s become very normal.

Cheers to to that – doing the Purition plank challenge on Instagram.

Anyway, I have now taken this a step further by producing a series of films for other people the use at home, called The Daily Reset.  It’s a collaboration with my favourite whole foods protein drink, Purition.  (Sign up to receive the free yoga films to your inbox here). They are very easy to follow and totally suitable for beginners. There’s a 10 minute class every day for four days and a 30 minute class on day five.

The Daily Reset Yoga Films

I describe Purition as a whole foods brand rather than a ‘protein shake’ because I feel strongly about eating whole foods. I strive to eat a whole food diet, the way nature intended,  as much as I possibly can and I know that most of the protein shakes on the market are nothing close to real food.  They contain a highly processed, powdered version of the listed ingredients; are sickly sweet – no matter what the marketing says, you know something that tastes like that can’t be that good for you and it’s isn’t. Quality-wise, it’s really comparable to fast food.  

Purition is’t like this and it’s quite unique in this. I hate to sound like an advert here but i am really being 100% authentic.  I did a lots of research on these drinks and I bought and consumed Purition for a long time before I approached them to work with me and now I am extremely proud to be working with them again. It’s just brilliant to work with a brand that fits so perfectly with how I like to live and teach.

This is my first time doing something like this – even with my background in PR (that’s what i did before I became a yoga teacher) and involvement in many a film and photo-shoot, I thought it would be pretty simple to record a few yoga videos – I tech all the time, what could be simpler.  But I had forgotten how tricky it is to get the final version right – NOT the same as teaching a class at all (it’s been a while). Anyway, the results aren’t too bad considering I did them on my iPhone 7 from my lockdown yoga  / teaching room.  

More about the Whole Foods 

So as mentioned above, if you are like me, you want to know that what you are putting in your body is the best quality food you can in it’s purest ‘closest to its original form’.  And Purition guarantee this – they don’t pretend to know more than nature and keep the product 70% ‘minimally processed’ whole foods PLUS the finest vegetarian or vegan protein source.  There’s an article on their website explaining it better than I can here.

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