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My Happy Handstand Intentions and Beginner Q&A

So I said I would start documenting my handstand journey on my blog for accountability because it’s been so long (two actual months) since I really trained them properly!

Below is my intention in black ink for this project. I encourage and recommend the process of intention setting, writing it down sticking it on a wall so you see it every day and repeat to yourself when practicing. If you want a lesson in intention setting, there’s one in my group, just follow this link..

Handstand Training Intention (review at 30 days)

I am training handstands and documenting in my blog for the next 30 days with three full 45min practices a week and I am ‘getting upside-down’ every day.

I have found through trial and error that you progress better if you don’t do a full on practice every day. The body needs time to recover and for muscles to form. And you need to do some counter shoulder work (nurture your body, don’t put it through the ringer!). So I will be posting about that stuff too.

Today I am giving you some questions. They are for those of you who are thinking about starting a handstand journey. I will post my practice in a few days time once I have completed a few sessions.

Some Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start A Handstand Journey

  1. Down dog – do you have a really good down dog? Can you hold for five long breaths without feeling like you’re going to collapse?
  2. Plank – can you hold a basic plank (on hands) in a straight line (bum down), pushing floor away from you hard with shoulders protracted (pushed apart) for a good five breaths?
  3. Dolphin – are you able to move from down dog into forearms on the ground and hold for five breaths? As with plank you should really protract the shoulders and push hard through the forearms.
  4. Wrists – do you have any wrist pain after doing any of the above or do you feel wrists area weak area for you?
  5. Is your hamstring flexibility decent? Try some forward folds and splits / standing splits. Can you get your belly some way towards your thighs?
  6. Do you have a headstand or forearm-stand practice already, even against a wall?

If you are answering yes to most of these, you could be ready to start tryings some kick ups and becoming an #inversionjunkie. No. 6 isn’t essential btw, but it helps.

If you are answering no to most of these, you need to work on this sort of stuff first. Keep practicing yoga with me and following my tips.

Please comment if you have any questions.

See you soon!

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