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Get the (Yoga) Body You Want Through Being Kind to Yourself

Facebook Live Chat and Guided Meditation (around 30 mins) 7pm tomorrow evening (Thursday 11th February) in my group.

I will be taking about how exercise does not have to be ‘no pain no gain’ to be effective. How we can focus on nurturing ourselves and working from the inside out and still get into our best, happiest shape, what-ever that looks like for you.

You want to tone up, yoga can most defiantly achieve this. You want to get seriously fit, yoga is the one! And everything in between. I have never been stronger in my life and it’s all down to yoga training.

Get Strong, Fit, Flexible and Toned

When I started years ago, I had no upper body strength at all. I couldn’t even hold a down dog for more that ten seconds without wanting to collapse. Slowly and surely I built strength, flexibility and fitness. And it didn’t even feel like I was working hard because it was so much fun. The time just flies in a yoga class because you are so immersed, physically, emotionally and mentally.

SERIOUSLY, you don’t have to pound the treadmill (boring no?) or do something that you dislike to get the body you want. Exercise does not have to be gruelling and a slog to be effective. Ditch the resistance and do what your body actually wants to do. Be kind, love thyself people!!! 💕❤️💜

Work With Me

If you are interested in working with m more closely on this stuff so I can help you create outcomes for yourself, get in touch! or book a call.

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