Free Yoga Class for Fitness, LIVE Tomorrow

I will be doing a FREE yoga class tomorrow lunchtime (Thursday) at 12.30pm, LIVE in my fab yoga group.   It will be 30 minutes long and fitness-focussed i.e. expect to sweat a little bit.

Many have a mental resistance to fitness and feel inner dread as they imagine it will be super challenging and / or unenjoyable. Have you considered that yoga can be a great fitness class?

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My Happy Handstand Intentions and Beginner Q&A

So I said I would start documenting my handstand journey on my blog for accountability because it’s been so long (two actual months) since I really trained them properly!

Below is my intention in black ink for this project. I encourage and recommend the process of intention setting, writing it down sticking it on a wall so you see it every day and repeat to yourself when practicing. If you want a lesson in intention setting, there’s one in my group, just follow this link..

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THAT Feeling

Get the Body You Want Without the Slog: 5pm Today LIVE in Facebook Yoga Group

At 5pm (Sat, 6th February) I will be LIVE in my Facebook Group (Yoga For Those Wanting to Work on the Inside AND the Outside) giving a FREE talk on how to get the body you want without the gym slog (here’s a clue – yoga). Really!

I will talk about how can you shift from feeling negative about exercise to feeling GOOD about it. And feeling good about yourself for that matter! It’s all linked.

I’ll be chatting for about 15 mins and then I’ll take you through a short feel-good guided meditation take you into Saturday night!

How do You WANT To Feel?

If you have been in my group or on my social media, you may know that the picture above is my feel good inpso shot. I want to feel like her, about exercise and life! Who is with me??

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore to something to tick off your list. If you work from the inside out, it takes on a completely different vibe. It’s moving with the flow of you, going where your body leads you, not pushing it where it doesn’t want to go.

I’ll explain tonight. Join the group to listen in at 5pm (Yoga For Those Wanting to Work on the Inside AND the Outside). A short guided meditation will follow the chat.

The chat is an extract from my NEW 12-week programme: Peaceful Soul, Bangin’ Body. Do get in tough if you’re interested in that too: email me or Book a call