Try Laying On Your Back in Yoga Nidra…to Achieve the Body You Want, for Good!

I was always an extremist, I was quite proud of the fact I was an “all of nothing” type of gal!

Now-days, not so much. It didn’t do me any good, especially where diet and exercise were concerned. My weight went up and down and my moods with it. My waistline began to dictate my moods and I was in one of two (miserable) modes:

𝟙.Super ‘healthy’ and thin (but really hungry as I was restricting food and missing it), exercising as much as I could fit in. Hardly at home – networking, social butterfly.

𝟚. Eating uncontrollably, binging on box-sets, feeling very low / disgusted with myself and up to a stone heavier. Home alone.  Hermit.

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