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Try Laying On Your Back in Yoga Nidra…to Achieve the Body You Want, for Good!

I was always an extremist, I was quite proud of the fact I was an “all of nothing” type of gal!

Now-days, not so much. It didn’t do me any good, especially where diet and exercise were concerned. My weight went up and down and my moods with it. My waistline began to dictate my moods and I was in one of two (miserable) modes:

𝟙.Super ‘healthy’ and thin (but really hungry as I was restricting food and missing it), exercising as much as I could fit in. Hardly at home – networking, social butterfly.

𝟚. Eating uncontrollably, binging on box-sets, feeling very low / disgusted with myself and up to a stone heavier. Home alone.  Hermit.

I knew deep down that going flat out, full throttle, 110% with anything wasn’t sustainable long term. But I still did it constantly, fooling myself that, this time I would stick to the regime and I just needed to get down to xx weight and my life would be amazing. Then I would fail. Up in the clouds, down in the doldrums.

Extremities Were Not Good For Me

You can only be THAT focussed for a short period of time, usually when you hit a point where you look in the mirror and think “I NEED to DO something”. But unless you’re an athlete, have alien levels of will power or some kind of serious disorder driving you; you will hit a wall, unable to continue.

When that happens, you feel annoyed and frustrated (or much worse) with yourself for ‘failing’ and undoing all your ‘good work’.

How Do You Talk to Yourself?

Notice this process – it’s a cycle actually. A very negative cycle, led by our worst enemy, the inner critic:

“You look awful, you MUST loose weight!”

“You always fail at this, you looser!”

“You are never going to do this, you’re pathetic!”

(and probably much worse)

But we are only human and we aren’t meant to be able to keep up these extreme diets or regimes for long periods of time.

It’s a buzz word but BALANCE is the key here.

Get Out Of Low Cycle Into Flow Cycle

So how can we avoid this soul destroying pattern? And find a POSITIVE CYCLE? In Peaceful Soul, Bangin’ Body, I show you step-by-step, how to achieve the body you want without the misery of food restriction and exercise you don’t enjoy!

But meantime, here are two things I recommend which are SO, SO EFFECTIVE and also extremely ENJOYABLE. And unless you do much more of this, you won’t ever get to that point of balance and ease and be able to get and keep the body you want.

1. The first is checking in with yourself regularly. There are many check-in meditations in the guides section above. And I talk about this a lot if you are reading my posts. It’s looking after yourself, making sure you are ok, as you would a friend.

2. The second way is to set aside time in your day to actually restore, recuperate and rejuvenate! I know it’s not possible to go on a retreat or holiday right now but there are other things you can do more regularly at home. Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep) is one of these things.

Tomorrow night (Thursday, 8pm) I am hosting a free Yoga Nidra LIVE in my group. Join me! And here’s the link to the event for more info on what is actually is and what’s involved. You don’t actually need to do anything but relax and let me guide you.

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