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I am so excited as I have been working DAY and NIGHT over the last few weeks to bring you my brand-new FREE Peaceful Soul, Bangin’ Body Masterclass

Masterclass is Here!

Yoga to help you to break free from the stress and misery of restrictive eating and / or exercise anxiety and guide you to a strong, healthy, flexible body AND mindsetโ€ฆfor good.

I can now reveal it’s ready and will be broadcast next Friday 19th March at 7pm.  It will last 40 mins.

If you’re in my Facebook group, you’ll have heard me talk about this already. And I’m now giving you my personal invitation to this LIFE-CHANGING Masterclass. 

Limited Spaces

There are only 150 spaces available so you may want to get in there quickly – contact me (details at the end of this post)!

This is a FREE session where I go through HOW you can leave your past pain and anxiety around exercise and weight behind and go forth with new energy and perspective; to eat and exercise โ€˜normallyโ€™.  No extremes, self hate or fad diets, just yoga in a very unique package.

Is This For You? Questions! Do You Want….

  1. To eat and exercise like a ‘normal’ person?
  2. To actually enjoy exercise rather than it feeling like a punishment at worst, chore at best?
  3. To find some balance and harmony rather that being up and down and all over the place with your weight and moods?
  4. To shift from constantly worrying about loosing weight to just getting on with enjoying your life?
  5. To stop feeling low about your body and life and find a way to be happier and make everyone else around you happier too?

Get In Touch

If it’s a yes, this is definitely for you. Get in touch via email or DM me on Insta or Facebook /

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