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Free Yoga Class for Fitness, LIVE Tomorrow

I will be doing a FREE yoga class tomorrow lunchtime (Thursday) at 12.30pm, LIVE in my fab yoga group.   It will be 30 minutes long and fitness-focussed i.e. expect to sweat a little bit.

Many have a mental resistance to fitness and feel inner dread as they imagine it will be super challenging and / or unenjoyable. Have you considered that yoga can be a great fitness class?

If you have not, it’s really no surprise to me – there so many different kinds of yoga so we all have different perceptions of it.

My kind of Yoga is super fun, inspiring and flowy! You honestly CAN get the body you want with no gruelling workouts and no resistance (mind talking you out of it).

I have never felt resistance to yoga and there is a reason for that. It’s because in yoga you work from the inside out and focus on how you feel first and foremost. It’s looking after yourself, checking in to see if you are ok… you would do for a friend.

AND, it combines breath and movement to shift you the perfect ‘state’ of being: calm mind, energised body.

All levels welcome and options given for beginners. Click here if you still haven’t joined the group! 

The recording will be available in the Guides section afterwards if you miss the LIVE. 

Anyway, join this group to get motivated. 😜😁

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