The Bedroom Yogi

This is The Bedroom Yogi Blog

I’m a yoga-obsessed, ‘ex-PR company owner’ from London, now living in the country, far away from city life, trying to find what I like and create the life I want.  Here I am as The Bedroom Yogi lunging forward, spreading Yogicity. Post Covid update: I was obviously ahead of the curve. Since we are all ‘bedroom-somethings’ now. I remain a Bedroom Yogi.

As mentioned above, I am trying to do my bit by brining good authentic ‘yogicity’ (made up word) and wellness to the area.  This yoga blog is about providing a resource to yoga-lovers and those hungry for wellness in sleepy (compared to a city) places. And to give my views on things relating to yoga and wellness.

Since I moved here in 2012 I have many times felt a little out of place and so felt the need to hide parts of me away. Not amongst the yoga community of course. But being part of a yoga community here means you are a minority. It’s getting better – at least there are a couple of studios now, there were none for the first few years I lived here.

Anyway, I do have to look hard for similar minded people. In this blog I have decided to call us Bedroom Yogis which, to clarify, means retreating away to do yoga at home, not some kind of other weird practice.

My main personal goal in life (apart from raising my kids and being a good mum) is to have no actual goals and to end up in a beautiful place, preferably a hot place, doing yoga and being my authentic self.  Practicing yogicity and feeling comfortable doing so, not hiding. 

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