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Yogicity, A Made Up Word

From now on I am going to refer to Yogicity.  This is a new word that I have made up after eight years of practicing yoga in Wolverhampton.   #yogicity barely exists on insta – it has been used 137 times in relation to yoga in a city.  Not the same. 

Yogicity for Lovers of Yoga In Wolverhampton

Here is the what mean by Yogicity.  It is related to being a yogi, someone that lives a life in a yogic way, yes, they do yoga but it’s more that this – a way of life (see definition of yogi here on the brilliant Yoga Basics blog if you aren’t clear on this). 

But in my context yogicity or yogic-ity means yogic things that we do collectively, as a noun. For example, egocentric people become egocentricity when categorised as a group by shared behaviour.   So yogicity is the description used when yogic behaviour is identified and described.  The city part is also conveniently related to the fact that a lot of yoci-city happens in cities where people (generally) have access to and greater inclination towards yoga and wellness.  True.

Stereotypical Yogi, as many around me in my current habitat (yoga in Wolverhampton) might view a Yogi

Yogicity Expanded

  • What are we doing when engaging in yogicity?  Well, lots of things…Yogicity describes a group of people that obviously practice yoga (bedroom yogis included).  But it’s much more than this…this group:Tries to be yogic and act in the ways of a yogi to whatever degree feels right for them
  • Is health conscious and actually enjoy being healthy – it’s not a thing they do to get thin or look good
  • Long to be on a deserted beach practicing yoga
  • Exercise because it’s good for wellbeing and gets them in the zone, not to look good in a mini skirt
  • Hardly wear mini skits btw.  Even though they probably look good in them.  This is because they don’t gravitate toward anything showy or blingy
  • On this, they love understatement and thoughtfulness over bling and big spenders
  • Believe the mind is just a small part of who we are
  • Believe in or are learning about the ‘energic body’ e.g. chakra system
  • Love diversity off ALL kinds and like finding beauty in unexpected places
  • Don’t consider beauty to be about appearances – they appreciate all types of beauty
  • Are authentic i.e. they try to be their true self and are conscious of ego and what that means
  • Practice meditation or mindfulness
  • Believe in time for self and try to make time for self
  • May be veggie or vegan or simply concerned with organic farming
  • Have tendencies towards alternative medicines, Ayurveda and therapies
  • Care about the environment, where their clothes are made and from what material

I will probably add to this definition of yogicity as time goes on, but actually I have just described myself to a point or a best version of myself.  This is from the heart which makes me feel a little bit vulnerable as most people, even those close to me won’t realise that this is me as I am a bedroom yogi. This is for all those wanting to know more about yoga in Wolverhampton. 

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