The Bedroom Yogi

Sleepy Places – Perfect for January Yoga Retreat

The Bedroom Yogi, as previously mentioned, is a (slightly exaggerated) description of how I feel much of the time. This would be someone from London now living in a rural place. It has come about since I moved here (Shropshire / Wolverhampton boarders) eight years ago and I know many can relate. I miss the amazing yoga and yogicity I had on tap in the big city so much. In particular West London. But I am not there now so the urge to create the life i want and share with the amazing people I have met here is STRONG. And I am doing currently via the January Yoga Retreat. You can see this on the site.

City to Shropshire

I have adapted over the last eight years to a new way of living and actually grown very fond of this place where I now live. My kids go to school here. I have made many lovely friends and it really does have so much beauty. Yes that main picture of Davenport House from the air IS breathtaking.  And the perfect location for the January Yoga Retreat. (Did i mention we have one?)

I have found good yogicity here in places I didn’t expect to – little gems pop up here and there and I love that.   Moving here has made me more appreciative of these gems.  I am not spoiled by London any more.

I have converted quite a lot of people up here to yoga because I teach yoga these days.  And actually, being here presents an opportunity because I have a lot of experience. yes the yoga experience but also events experience from me previous life. Which incidentally was running a fashion PR agency. So my time was taken up wit a lot of events! Anyway, i feel this is a winning combo. I have knowledge and it means people appreciate what I have to offer.

I want to offer some of the things I had in London and other cities I have lived and spent lots of time in (Sydney and New York) to people here. Namely because it’s fabulous and also because it should be available to everyone. I am doing this initially via my January Yoga Retreat and other events throughout the year  

Me Upside-down. I can’t get enough Inversions. We will do them on the retreat

Topics for this Blog

I am literally busting with immense amounts of enthusiasm for what I do and what I can offer. And additionally, if I find something I love – I tell everyone and this leads me naturally to this blog and the topics I will cover:

  • Yoga topics (obviously) – for my students but also I am on my own yoga journey. Yoga is a way of life and life is all around us and I can talk and talk and talk about it….
  • Inversion training – this is something I am a little obsessed with (inversion = anything yogi and upside-down).  I have taken various courses and have a network around the globe who I am linked to. I will share some of this journey and the tools that are needed to get stronger and nail certain postures like headstand, handstand etc.  It’s not from ego, it’s just fun to me. I really love getting upside-down
  • Little Gems – when I find something amazing, I will blog about it. Including Yoicity and Classes that are good and authentic. Plus, there are a few things going on and I will be reporting back
  • Nutrition and eating out – where can you go for delicious healthy food? WHERE?  If you know, please tell me. I feel sad on a daily basis about food particularly as I can control yoga to an extent, I can make it happen. But I am no restauranteur. If you are reading this in a city, you really don’t know my pain.
  • Other yoga related ‘stuff’ and yogicity – therapies, attitudes, educating kids, meditation, organics and brands
  • Yoga back in the day – I do love to look back fondly to how things were pre-social media. Where my journey began…it’s funny too

I will be back with more soon. Thanks for reading this.

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